The story behind

Restored studio model of Nostromo. phot. The Prop Store

Nostromo in studio in 1979 during shooting Alien, still in initial yellow “camouflage”. phot. The Prop Store

In 1979 Ridley Scott made one of the most important movie in history of film: Alien. Not only for SF genre but the whole cinematography Alien was a milestone in many aspect – also visual. Living behind Iron Curtain in those times was not easy and contact with newest films and books was very difficult. In Poland we could saw Alien for the first time a year later – in 1980. I remember as it would be today that day, I was happy to got tickets (few hours of waiting in huge crowd) and see Scott’s film. If my mind don’t play tricks on me I saw Alien 5-6 times after  that.
One of element to remember was the Nostromo ship – one of the most incredible sf spacecraft ever designed. Nostromo was based on conceptual sketches of Ron Cobb and until today stay as one of the most recognised fictional vechicles. As a kid I was trying to make my own model of Nostromo from paper, plastic etc, but never had enough time and informations to do this well.
When I started to make digital models of airplanes and learn 3d soft I started to think about making model of Nostromo. Finally few months ago I started to do research. I found on web tons of info about and many models (most of them totally inaccurate). One of the most precious findings were wonderfull drawings done by guy, known on some Alien’s forums as “Space Jockey”. It is main base for my work. Second is full of wonders The Prop Store – place, where oryginal, six feet studio model of Nostromo was carefully restored few years ago. Thanks to help of “Space Jockey” and Prop Store team my project was possible to reborn in more advanced form.

Model of Nostromo after long “hibernation” and just before renovation started. phot. The Prop Store

So what is the plan?

I will try to reconstruct Nostromo in 3d as accurate and as detailed as it is possible. In effect I will have model and also some “action” images with it. Maybe even small animations. Modeled will be not only Nostromo itself, but also Narcissus (rescue pad that Ripley escaped from expolding Nostromo), space suit used by Nostromo crew, alien ship found on LV 426 and other stuff. This site is made for document this work. Feel free to leave comments and discuss.